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Colour In Scripts

Hi guys,

Is there a way where I can set different colors for different parts in a script so that each individual parts can be easily identified? It is so that when I explain parts of my script to others, I don't have to burn time searching for them in the big script chunk. Is is already in existence (in which case I'd be happy if someone could point me to it) or is there a thread for it?

Thanks in advance guys!


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United Kingdom
No, this is not currently a feature of the EZ-Script editor. However, watch for future updates as knowing DJ he may add that function.
Thanks Rich! Will keep tab on future updates...
Use comments for separating code. Comments are lines starting with a # (number sign)


# *********************************************
# This is a section of code for printing
# *********************************************

# *********************************************
# This is a section for saying hello
# *********************************************
SayEZB("Hello there")

# *********************************************
# This is the end of the file
# *********************************************