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Color Tracking With AR Parrot Drone V2

Hey there guys,

My name is Alex and I'm a computer science student and chose to use EZB and a Parrot v2 for a project. The drone is supposed to follow a white line on the ground(it can have multiple shapes, an "8" shape or a square or pretty much anything else). I have nailed the recognition, but I seem to encounter an issue with the flight itself.

The drone sees the color perfectly and tracks it for a bit, but it seems to gain toomuch speed and zooms past the other white lines. I'm currently trying to make it fly by following lines in the form of an "8". The testing ground is 9m^2, the white lines are 30 cm long, 5 cm wide, and they are 10 cm apart from each other, which seems ok to me.

After testing it for a bit (a few hours) the problem seems to be the speed that it gains, and not the tracking. I have lowered it to the minimum but still, to no avail. I have also searched for an answer for hours, and tried parts and bits that seemed to fit my case, but no success either. I also noticed,in the movement panel, that the movements it should do register correctly. I have adjusted the red grid to match, more or less, the size of the white line, and, in theory, it should center itself, having the white line between the grid lines. This centering is what the drone fails to do, despite seeing the right arrow going green when it is supposed to.

Hope someone can help with this, sorry if I haven't been to clear, I've been trying to make it fly an "8" for the past week and a half and I'm desperate. I have also attached the file to this dropbox here if you want to download it and check it out and maybe guide me a bit.

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I hate to say it, but it seems that most AR Drone owners have given up and moved onto more sophisticated devices due to the incredibly poor support from Parrot (I haven't used mine in almost 2 years, the batteries are dead and I don't plan on replacing them again).

I would not hold my breath for anyone to be able to answer you.

Adjust the speed by making it a slower speed value. The camera control has speed values and adjustments. Also, so does the ar drone movement panel. Adjust the speed by selecting a much slower speed