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Coding Alpha (Ubtech) Control With Both Boards


I would like to code (without visual aids, just an IDE) the control of an Alpha UbTech robot with any board (the big one or the tiny), can I do this somehow or am I limited to the visual interface and the boxes?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi! All programming languages require an IDE - whether that's VIM or Notepad or Visual Studio. The EZ-Robot "visual aid" program is ARC and provides graphical representations of features - you can code within each "visual aid". They're actually called Controls and communicate with each other using ControlCommand(). Check out the learn section for activities on using ARC.

If you're wanting to create controls to share with the community, you can code in C# or C++ a plugin that can be shared. The idea is that each control is a tiny program that people can re-use and share. Check out the plugin if there's something specific you'd like to do that isn't already provided by a user control.


Sorry DJ-sures, maybe my questions was poorly stated and ARC poorly researched by myself. I will try more specific questions:

  • Using the IoTiny is there a detailed guide on how to connect with the software uart to send position commands to alpha robot servos? Is it simple enough not to need a guide?

I received a notificacion email to rate the question and I really was not able to connect my ARC app with iotiny using the information in the following link, the 200 I spent on material is in the drawer:

I found the information provided to be vague, I restate:

  • Which pins from the board should each wire from the servo bus connect to in order to interface alpha servos and IO-Tiny?
  • What do I need to do in the ARC to connect?

Thanks in advance


Instructions are similar to this:

If you are wondering what pins to use, the UART pins are used. Please use the manual to learn what pins are available on your EZ-B. Here is the manual that describes the pins:

I'd like to help you get the UBTech servos running for your application - let's work together on this. If you can describe what you're attempting to do, I can provide detailed instructions.


Thanks for the follow up, I apreciate it.

Ok, I will follow your advices and detail step by step what to do, maybe we can assemble or article or something.