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how can I connect to the Wii remote using the code I want to switch it on or connect to the Wii remote using the code because I want to put some statements before it starts connecting how can I do that?


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so for example, if want firstly the robot recognize my face after that the Wii remote start working is it possible to do it using script?

and if I want both hands to work together I need to remotes?

as my friend explain to you our project which is IPIA system yesterday one of the games is the child should dance using the Wii remote the robot should imitate him by moving the robot hands.

Thank you :D


Yes - in the Camera Tracking script, add a ControlCommand() that unpauses the WiiMote. Check The Robot Program for examples on how to do things like that. The robot program episodes teach you the basics so you can build off. It's pretty fun:D