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Cloning Ozobot

OZObot is all the rage they have 2 wheels and a camera and follow a color code programming system. Has anyone thought about cloning the functionality of them with an EZB


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There's no camera on ozbot. It's a color sensor, which is different - like how Lego works. Ozbot is a fun little children's toy.

Ezrobot is the only robot product that ships with a real camera using real computer vision technology. Such as machine learning with cognitive services, object training and recognition, custom colors (rgb and crbr), motion, face recognition, glyphs and more

To learn how to follow a line with the ezrobot camera, look at the robot program activities for your ezrobot.

There are many other activities that use the ezrobot camera for real robot behaviors. Check the robot program for more activities.


Thanks @DJ so it sounds like this is very doable and use the ez-robot camera colour detection instead of the colour sensor. Will have a play over Christmas. Son wanted an ozobot but my logic was why buy him an ozobot if ez-robot can do what it does and more.


Haha - well, it'll be a fun programming exercise for you. But one of the factors I like about ozbot is it fits in your pocket for road trips. I don't think it's a great educational toy, because it doesn't do much. It's more of a novelty item than anything else.

If your son wants one, he'd get bored of it quickly anyway:)


@nink.. It's tiny... Even an ioTiny wouldn't fit in it or on it... Maybe you could find the CAD or STL files and upscale it so you could use an ezb... Maybe then you could also use 360 deg servos to drive it...


Get a kid an ioTiny and some servos and he or she will be building real robots in short order! Even better EZ Robot V4 for more servos and fun. Always include the camera in any robotic gift!


We did get an Ozobot but it is still in the box unopened.


I like to setup displays with Star Wars action figures or anything that is cool and having some small robots running around in the display would be cool. Also the fact that with some color lines added you can change what they are doing while they are running around does add some more fun to it, but the price is a bit high for one very small robot and ioTiny with a few servos and a camera can do so much more. Also you can make very small robots or very large robots with EZ-B. Imagine it, build and program it and then keep on teaching it to do more. But I am someone who always says why one or the other when I can have both. lol Ozobot might be fun to play with and learn some programming, but ioTiny will always be better.