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Clip And Play For Micro Servos?


Just curious to see if the same clip and play parts will be available for micro servos.



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United Kingdom
The clip and play parts are going to continue to be expanded on including community produced parts.

EZ-Robots have concentrated on getting the 3 EZ-Robots (Six, Roli & JD) to a point where they can have them mass produced rather than 3d printed. I'm sure we will see a lot more parts from EZ-Robots and the community.

What parts for micro servos were you looking for?
Thanks for the input @rich, always appreciated.

what im looking for is

User-inserted image


User-inserted image


User-inserted image

but in a smaller size, for micro servos. I have an I-cybie and an r2d2 that would need these parts.

I-cybie - all the legs (its essentially the same set up as the Six, I just need to fit the micro servos in his legs)
R2D2 - an arm that extends from one of the doors in his chest...

both would require micro servos. just looking to see if anyone has already started printing these out.
I have Cory working on it:)