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Chort Commands

is it possible to chorten the command like robot move forwart into just ,
forwart.i notest its very handy and more correct.

robot move forwart=3sec
robot move reverse=3sec
robot turn left=3sec
robot turn right=3 sec

forwart=1 sec


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Sure Nomad, in the speech recognition area just remove the robot move words. It will then only be " listening" for " forward" in which your robot should move forward. You can pretty much use any word as any command as long as Windows recognizes it.
ah i thought they where standard commands that could not be changed.

thanks kamaroman68
well it doesn work if you change the commands.
It may not understand you. I found that I sometimes have to change the way I word a sentence before it will understand me most of the time. One word command seems hard for the SR to grasp. Longer clear phrases seem to work the best.
hi dave

ah thats why it doesn work.i wanted to use one word commands.
forwart /reverse/left/right.

One word commands work sometimes but longer phrases seem to work better for me.