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Chocolate Milk Robot , How I Mix My Nesquik To Make It Rich And Frothy

I love chocolate Milk but using sugar free imitation powder can leave you feeling like your missing something. Goofing off after a day of robot building i was ready for some chocolate. Every single spoon was in the dishwasher. Ugh! Across the street is walgreens pharmacy and just as i was about to just buy the superthick corn syrup sweetened choc milk i saw this discovery kids tornado machine and i couldn't resist..... lol. It worked great and made the milk nice and frothy! It was only 6 bucks. Here's a video;)
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Could EZ Robot mix and schedule me fresh chocolate Milk.... hmmm anything is possible:) have fun building robots , remember to take breaks and relax guys . Goodnight - Josh S


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We used to have those in our chemistry class. They are fun to play with.

P.S. I LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate milk.

I also love Capicino -Beaumount Vannilla sold at Wal-Mart.

you serve it hot. But HHMMMMMMmmmmmmm! But, put some liquid marshmallow cream in it.

Be careful, though. You will become a diabetic like me.

Oh yea, i could really stand to cut back. Thats why i use imitation now and skim milk. That way i can live a little longer to build more robots. -josh