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Cheap Source For Robot Parts

Hello All,

I just fell into a cheap source for robot parts. In fact, I got them free. It seems your local hospitals have disposable items that must be thrown out if they are expired. I came across a bunch of these "graspers" at my local hospital. THey were happy to give them to me rather than throwing them away.
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They are surgical steel and plastic with considerable grip and rotate at the hub. The silver one is 9 inches long and the black one is 18 inches long. Could make really cool grippers for a small to medium bot. I also got some guide wires in sleeves which are great for linkages to servos. Just worth checking out.


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United Kingdom
The only thing you would get for free in a UK hospital is MRSA!

Don't forget to give them a rinse, they may have been where the sun doeth not shine *eek*

Nice catch though.
THese are all brand new in the package, they have just expired from the sterilization date. THe larger one of the two actually has a blade that can come out to cut what ever it is gripping. I think I may use it on my big bot to grab and cut fishing line, etc.
HAhahaha wow just when i think i've seen it all... Leave it to you all to surprise me yet again! That IS a good idea for sure. There's probably a few more places like that
My wife is an RN and currently working towards her Masters. She is employed at a large hospital here in central Florida. I'm certainly going to share this post with her and see if I can procure some of these goodies. Thanks for the heads up bret.