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Cheap Robot Hands At Superstore

Hey guys, I know you can get robot hands at the dollar store but I don't think I've seen them so cheap. They are fun for makeshift robot building.
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Here they are 20$ at the dollar store :'(
Don't have them at dollarama store if we did they would be only 1.25 each or less
But I check there at least once a week
The only problem with them ive seen is that they are all right hands never left lol
looks like the thumb dont move.
Shouldn't they cost a dollar if you buy them at the Dollar Store? :P
Not all Dollar Stores are the same
Out of all the ones I've seen only the dollarama stuff is cheap
One dollar store here has stuff for over 100$ lol
But they have some "good deals" mostly on there computer junk lol
Yeah the Dollramas here just have items rounded to the nearest dollar most of the time it's more than a dollar.

The thumb can be twisted I believe and yeah it's a shame that they are all right handed, maybe if you buy 3 it would equal a left:)

$3 is best price I've seen for those, might be cheaper elsewhere, figured I'd share anyway
I just picked up a hasbro furreal chimp toy at a thrift store for $3! It has fully automated arms that I hope I can use in a project. The chimp can be found on eBay for $20 or less.