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Cheap 3D Printers On Sale

i found this link for cheap 3d printers.

3d printer


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Yes you can...this is no problem at all!
I also use more than one software to run my printer! :)
I run a clone of the Prusa machine. A good fee slicer is Repetier. They work with them and have preloaded optimized settings for the prusa printers.

Good to know...did you experience a significant change in printing results when using different slicing software?

Which machine did you end up buying?
I guess there are some really good clones out there!
I haven't really gotten too much into the new configurations as I have been having a lot of success with Simplify 3D. I like the Repetier stuff because it integrates well with using an RP3 as a server. They have a few vids out there about the performance and according to Josef Prusa it helps quite a bit.

My machine is a Geeetech pro. Not advocating for them just saying I have one. I started with a kit and am glad I did. They are not for everybody but if you are up for it you learn a lot more.
I've been enjoying my Da Vinci Jr. 1.0 printer from XYZ printing. For an entry level printer it does a pretty good job. They have improved on the software and added a few more colors, and the price was great. Some day I'd like to get a bigger one too.
this looks like a good printer for low prize.you are using.

Hey guys, I finished cutting my challenge of building the Prusa I3 MK2...
When buying it I also considered a lot of different printers, and told myself NOT to buy a kit because I DONT know ANYTHING about building a printer...;)

The manual is super well documented, but as you can see in the clip, it was quiet a battle...and you are always at risk to break something and end up with a none functioning printer! It is scary but also rewarding at the same time!

I am really happy with my prints and kind of a Prusa fanboy...
But there are for sure a lot of very good printers out there!

3D printing changed it all for me, its awesome!:D

Thanks @Nomad6R I wanted to do this for a while, but since you reopened the discussion on printers, it made me finally go ahead and do it!:D
I will try to just for learning,maybe some day i can print something.;)
Thanks for the video @Mickey666Maus Nice job on it, it's great! Have fun with your new Prusa, 3D printing is a blast!
Great video M666M:)

Looking forward to a 3D printer next year.

As im writing this they are showing a mobile 3D printing robot on the news printing house parts, walls, windows..i think in the future house's might be built by a team of robots, would just need someone making sure the filament is always topped up.:P

Might even enter a restaurant one day and have desserts, etc printed out right in front of you...reminds me of that movie Cloud Atlas.
Thanks all...3D printing is great, I am having the time of my life!:D

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i found this video for 3d printing.and i learn and understand now what means,
leveling the bed and slicing.very good video for beginners.

Btw, I have the Anet A6. Cheap, that's the only thing worth mentioning....
If I would do it again, I defenately would buy a Prusa or so. Depends on how much you want to use it of course.
hi phG

i think an expencive one is better.if i ever get one.i would go for the auto leveling and heated bed for sure.
Hi Nomad,

They all come with the heated bed. The auto leveling is one of the nicest features.
hi phg

thanks for the info.