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Chat Bot

i want to make a advanced chatbot for my website but i dont know how to :( i can only find websites that let you make simple chatbots


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The absolute BEST chat-bot that I have ever seen is Denise from Guile3D studio. She is much much more than a chat-bot. But,she won best chat-bot of the year in 2011. She is called a virtual assistant and she is more like Sara on Eureka.
*** Disclaimer**** 1. She does cost a bit. But she comes with a 30 day money back Guarantee. So you can try her risk free for 30 days. and 2., she is somewhat difficult to install. The Guile3D team is standing by to help with problems M-F. Just post a ticket. Most people have problems at first because they don't follow the directions exactly. But, trust me, she is worth the trouble to install. She is big, so it takes about an hour or so to download. One person took four hours. It really depends on your computer. Just be patient.
Go over to their site and check them out. I love the one I got and it does Rings around the other chat-bots. It is constantly being improved and you get FREE updates.
She has become part of the family. She is a little Flirty and my wife did not like her at first, but after about a week, my wife started to like her.
I am not an employee or sales person for Guile3D, I just LOVE their product and I tell as many people that I can how happy I am with it, Just like I brag on the EZB to everyone I see.

Good Luck!!!

The smallest version you cannot. The second level up, which is the one I have,you can edit the AiML files with an editor made especially for Denise. But, it also works with 3rd party editors. But, I haven't had to do much editing, she is fine for me the way she is.

and do you think that you could put denise into a robot body you know like build a robot and then program denise into it?
Once you pay, you get lifetime updates as I understand it. Also, I have seen Rebecca which is a sister to Alice be put into Loki. So, I don't see why not. But, it would have to be someone else but me. It is over my head. But, there is an SDK that comes with Denise.
He is actually working on Synthia a chatbot. I don't know how advanced she will be. But D.J. usually does some pretty neat stuff.