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Charging Without Disconnecting Battery

Hi Again.

I need some help figuring out how to charge my robot's 12v lead battery without taking it out of the robot.

This seems to be what should be done, but it's REALLY over my head:

I've seen people on the astromech forum mention that they simply added a switch to cut off the electronics from the battery when recharging.

So I've got some questions:

- Is there an easier way to do what I want without putting in a manual switch?
- Is it necessary to isolate the electronics from the battery when charging?
- If I do simply put in a switch, is putting it on the positive wire enough? I presume nothing needs to be done with the black / ground wire.

thanks in advance,



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My Omnibots charge when powered up:) I didn't run an isolate or anything... Simply connected the charger to the battery, and the battery to the robot. When ever the robots are docked for charging, I leave them turned on.

Charging takes longer because they are using some of the power - but it works:)

The other option is simply add a switch between the battery and the robot, so you can prevent the charging current to power the robot.
Thanks! So there's no anticipated danger to the electronics / EZ B with a 12V charger charging a 12V battery while still hooked up. That's good to know.

United Kingdom
As far as the EZ-B (or any other electronics for that matter) is concerned it's just a +12v supply, it doesn't care that it's a battery or if it's a charger. Provided it's wired correctly it'll be just fine without any switches etc.