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Charging The Battery

My charger keeps blinking red when I plug in the battery. Unit is off. What do I need. Kind of frustrating. Got the unit yesterday


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Are you connecting the charger to the power first? Then connecting the battery after?

Also, which charger version do you have - is it blue or black.

We are in the middle of updating the battery tutorial for the new black charger.


remember to let cool off the batt after using about 10 min and when its charged also wait 10 min before using.


Hey I I'm from brookstone as well and we are having the same issue. We do have the new black charger, thought it might be the plug so we switched that as well as tried another whole charger unit same out come. I have charged it around 6 times so far and this is the first time we have had this issue. It has been on the charger for 3 hours now still flashing red when we disconnect it let it sit then turn it on still says battery is low. I know the limit on keeping it plugged in is around 3 hours, so we have removed it for now so we don't do any damage to the battery, and info or help would be great!


It sounds like the plug on the battery. Can you use your phone to take a picture of the battery plug and wire - the part of the robot that connects to the charger.