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Charging 6 Lipo Batteries With One Charger

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I found this interesting accessory to charge up to 6 batteries lipo 2-6 elements connected in parallel, this accessory allows us to have multiple batteries in the robot and the charging charger all at once. Example: 4 batteries (3s) 5000mah in parallel = (3s) 20000mah (20A) The smart charger to charge a battery program 3s 5amp, each battery receives 1.25 amps, charging time approximately 4 hours. Make sure that the batteries are all the same, same number of elements, same capacity in amperes, and that all elements are in good shape. I found interesting to share with the community because every time we are but what we use lipo batteries. Even practical to incorporate smart charger robot and automatic coupling stations for charging lipos. There are several models of this accessory for various connectors of the batteries, some with fuse protection and different prices. In addition to the large 20 amp smart chargers, you could make the battery charge in the previous example in 1 hour (20 amp / 4 = 5 amps) :)


Board with fuses and protection diodes

List of accessories

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Hey R2D2 , cool find that board would make multiple battery charges easier!

-for those who question the balance charging- Take in mind all it is doing is connecting all the balance ports together in parallel. This WILL charge them but it does defeat the purpose of the balance port charging. The balance ports individually plug into a balance charger where the charger manually checks each cell to make sure they reach 4.18 -4.2 volts. Using a parallel method will not charge them to the max capacity. If you have 6 Lipo batteries then max capacity probably is not a concern though.:)

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I stumbled upon this board when I was looking for LiPo charging solutions. I avoided it because to charge 6 5,000mAh LiPos it would require a 30A supply, that's a huge supply.

I was also concerned about it balancing 6 batteries. Say cell 1 is Vx1 and cell 2 is Vx2 where x is battery number, if V11 is 4.1v, V21, V31, V41 & V51 are 4.2v and V61 is 4.3v it'll think they are all the same, Battery 1 and Battery 6 will not be balanced. At least that's how I saw it.

But, if you have a huge supply and a lot of LiPos to charge all at once then it's a great board to simplify everything.


Indeed, this system balancing six elements simultaneously (for six batteries) so the importance of tenenr in mind that the items are in good shape, in any case if I wore this accessory seek to make individual charges the batteries of time to time to make sure the correct balancing of the elements.


I have charged batteries without using balance ports before and they do work and usually get about 90+% capacity. This has to do with something called "surface voltage". That's the voltage a battery cell shows with a meter. On a Lipo charger they periodically put a small load on the cell to see what the real voltage / capacity measurement is. If you have that many batteries in your robot only getting 90 percent capacity is a reasonable trade off.


My ideal setup would be a great robot 6 lipos like this (the love): User-inserted image 60 amps on single weight 3kg (6lb 9.8219oz) Only I have to save a couple of decades and ready, I guess that eventually take out batteries largest market for the individual balance not to worry when they are in parallel. :)

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Those are only 20c though, the 10,000mAh are 40c. Depending on what's being run that may make a difference.


That's true but 40c x 10a is 400 amps so we can post the math for kids at home.

, 20c x 5a is 100 amps ( times 2 because it takes two batteries to meet the capacity) 2 Batt packs x 100 amps =200amp output 200a x 7.2 volt = 1440 watts

That's not bad it could support a lot of juice!:)

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True, 200 amps is a lot of juice but for those robots running several screens, on board pc, heavy duty motors etc. etc. etc. those 1440 watts could soon be swallowed up. If 50,000mAh is required I'd assume it's going to have either very high demand or a very lazy operator.

But you are right, it's going to be a lot of juice and plenty for most applications.


If you want a cheaper (ie <$60) 11.1v Lipo and 10C each is ok. LINK

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R2d2 could u post a link to that battery? That would be awesome for my roil mega project.


@Troy didn't you buy one of those?


@Josh, yes I have it. It's still wired in.


Ok great , I know you wanted to sort of test it out a while since it wasn't a popular name brand.


Yeah, but its cheaper though. I will buy two. Of course I had not been able to test it out as you know.


That's a nice battery for sure. They are less than half the weight of the lead acid batteries.