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Charger Leds Flashing Red Six Times

Just got an EZ-Robot and battery won't charge and LED flashes red 6 times. Is this defective? How do you fix?


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It means that there is a 300mv difference of voltage in the battery pack. Please fully charge battery and hopefully it will be ok.


Ok, there's a 300mv difference. Now what? Do you throw it away? Check the wiring? Bang it against a table? Swing it around your head and chant "Owa Tagoo Siam"? What? The instructions seem to fail at that point. They just say to stop charging it. Not very helpful.


do you have another batt that you can charge to see if charger does desame or not. if not i gess the batt is bad.


It means it is defective. I did some google searches and there are some r/c people who used a meter to find out which cell was low and eiher charged just that cell up until the voltage was closer or discharged the high cell (connected a motor or other circuit for a while) then when the cells where even out it back on the balance charger. Some had success but all warned it was risky due to the fire hazard.

Since the battery is brand new (and I assume you didn't abuse it by letting it discharge past the low battery warning of your bit) I would make a warranty claim on the Contact Us page. Reference this thread to ahow them you have received community advise.

(if you did run the battery to 0, replacements are not expensive)



I took apart the robot and disconnected all the cables. Once that was done, I attempted to charge the battery and the charger looks ok and normal. I no longer see the error.

The error message does not provide much troubleshooting info, and it does state to unplug the battery from the charger.

This was my first time charging the battery, so if it is bad it is defective.


So you're saying that after fully charging the battery everything works now?


After I disconnected all connections and just have the battery attached to the charger, the battery now charges and everything works.


Fantastic. I suspect it will work fine from now on in the normal configuration. Probably came from the factory with one of the cells not fully charged.



All cables were disconnected and battery was able to charge correctly. All works fine now.