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Change Default Ip Shown In Connect Box In Connection Control

I'd like to change the default IP shown to that of my robot so I don't need to enter it every time. Didn't find any help or posts on this topic


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I believe that it should save when you save your project. If you are using one of the ez-robots(rollie, JD, six, etc) then you have to manually save the cloud project to your computer in order to save the changes. Otherwise you will be trying to save to the cloud project, which doesn't work.

  1. load your robot project
  2. enter the IP address of your robot
  3. press the save button to save a new file

Computers use projects, which are files. Each file is a separate copy of something. For example, you can have a file named "my file" and another file names "banana". Those two files are separate items and contain separate data. The changes you make to one file will not affect the other.



Be sure to notice the message if attempting to save the modified project overwriting the default project - otherwise it will be restored with the next ARC update.

If you didn't receive a notification pop up, then you saved the modified project in the correct place:)