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Asked — Edited

Challenge To Dj - Color And Face Recognition But Can The Ez-B Play Chess

Here's a thought, could the EZ-B enable a Robot to play Chess. Here's Bob but he's only pretending ....


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Ok - maybe asking if an EZ-b can enable a robot to play Chess is stretching it..sometimes I get carried away..but the thought was nice..
I believe it is very possible. But, HUGE amount of work. And, lots of Math.
It could be done with the c# script editor:)

The best way would be to put magnetic switches under the game board. Then program the robot to know positions of each piece.

As for camera recognition, it would be difficult with that board do to color similarities. It'd also be tough to recognize the objects when only partially visible at varying angles.

So switches would work:)
Awesome..I'm sure now an EZ-b enthusiast is out there now attempting to do it...it can be done !