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Cfsound Iii Questions__@Dschulpius And Dj

@dschulpius....I see you are using a CFSound III in you B9 Robot. I plan on using a ASUS Mini ITX on my bot. Have you tried to see if EZ-B can be used to trigger sound files stored on the memory card using the CFSound III's RS-232 port? Much like others are using the MP3 boards. If so, can you talk me through how to set it up?

@DJ...have you ever tried the CFSound III? It is a bit pricey but, it is really cool.



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Hey rgordon,

I've never tried this with the CFS. It would be great to find out a way to do this. I'd suggest contacting the people at CFS and asking what it take to make this happen. I've contacted them several times with scripting language questions and they always answered right away with solutions. Another road to explore would to post a question on the R2D2 builders group. I know a lot of people there are using the CFS and some are also starting talking about using the EZ-B.

Good luck and let me know what you find out.



For that price i'd put a netbook in my robot:)


Ya, it's pricy. I had already bought this unit and started designing B9 around it when EZ-b came along. CFS 3 was going to be my main platform. It's very limiting and would have rendered him into something like a Halloween prop. I also planned on adding an Arduino for some more functionality. Then EZ-B popped up and I knew this is what I was going to have to have to bring my B9 robot to life. I decided to keep the CFS 3 and let it work in unison with EZ-B. Along with a Bluetooth receiver hooked up to the laptop this setup gives me several layers of control and AI. They all can work togather or independently. All sound is routed lastly through the CFS and it does a great job of sourting everything out. This also really helps with keeping the neon at the same brightness and in synk with the voice.


Yeah, I also had bought the CFS 3 to use in my robot "Magnus" to use as his sound system. Then I discovered the EZ-B and went off on a new route with a smaller robot so that I could experiment with all the cool features that DJ has packed in there. The EZ-B is truly amazing! I will eventually use what I learn to incorporate into Magnus. It is very expensive and time consuming to build such a large robot as Magnus from scratch. And spare time is hard to come by for me now days. Building a small basic robot will let me get up and running I can play.....I mean do research...into the art of controlling robots:D

Dave I really think your B9 is a work of art and look forward to seeing your progress. Will you be able to come to the Maker Fair in Raleigh, NC?

Here are some links to Project Magnus:

Project Magnus

Magnus -more pictures

I will be creating a new thread soon for Project Sonny.



sorry, couldn't respond sooner. you know, work, family, robot building.

I've been over your project several times over the past few months and have been very impressed! Great work and skills. I love what you've done with the b9 parts. Where did you pick up the bubble? Their very expensive and hard to find. I have two, both from Fred Burton. Two just if one cracks.

Also thanks for the kind words. B9 is a labor of love and a childhood dream.

No, I won't be making it to the Fair. Wish I could. Too much to do around here and so little money for a trip like that. Maybe next time. Don't want to take to much cash away from the hobby fund right now. Keep me updated on your progress and what you find out about the CFS