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Resolved Resolved by chrissi!

Cant Upload Pictures Anymore

i cant upload pictures when making a post.
i can choose but not upload.


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I just tried:

User-inserted image

Seems to work for me.
I'm not having trouble with it.

Patrick, when was the last time you tried the same thing? What file format is the image in? And what type of computer and web browser are you using?
10 minutes ago it worked?

Then you tried again and it did not?
What is the file name that you are uploading?
it looks like the pic i downloaded dont work,the other pic do work.
i removed and took another.and that one works.so bad pic.
you can see topic best mail ever.

sorry avery one ,i posted to fast *blush*
Ohhhh, so it was just a bad image. Good that you fixed it! :)
Thanks Dave, just catching up to what you've already done.
yep bad pic chrissi

thank you