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Can'T See Drop Down Menus

HI there,

This just happened - how do we fix to see the dropdowns? The screen is on the highest resolution.



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We need more info to help you... Which menus (there are a lots of different kinds in ARC)? What is your screen resolution set at? How about a screen shot on what you are having issues with?


Maybe try re-installing (or updating if you don't have the most recent version) ARC?


Any update on this? We're all wondering what drop downs this is referring to. Keep us updated so we can help:)


Sorry busy day of Robocup! It was in blocky under movement. The tab was autoposition(wait) in this particular photo. However, it was on all blackly tabs in all menu choices (utilities, etc). We even tried displaying on a 4K Smart TV and removing and reinstalling software.

Kids came in second! Will get their trophy on Monday!


User-inserted image

Sorry, not sure if my photo uploaded the other day, so here it is again.


It's because you have no auto positions in a blank empty project. You must load a robot project before you can control a robot.

Think of a microsoft word document or excel. When you load the software, there's no data. There's no project. Theres a blank workspace.

The same applies to a sheet of paper. If a sheet of paper is brand new form the package, it will be blank and white. You must put something on the paper. Software works the same way.

I recommend starting with the robot program on how to load a project for your robot. Visit the robot program, select your robot and there will be instructions that show how to load a project.

If you use Microsoft word or excel, the same exercise will apply. Have fun!:)


That makes sense because I discovered after the student wasn’t loading JD-Bare to begin! Thank you, will try in morning. Sometimes they get too excited and forget those important first steps.


I understand:) it's easy to skip a step! And a great lesson for the student on loading projects. Because loading projects is important for any software application. Best to start young!