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Cant Log Into Forum With Old Username And Password

I know this is a duplicate post and expect to get reprimanded. However that other post has gone unnoticed by EZ Robot for almost a week now. I thought if I started a "Need Assantice" thread I would be noticed.

There is something definitely wrong with my old account I can't fix. Now I cant even log in with my old username and password. I was somehow logged out and I can't log into the form under my old account anymore. I had to create this new account just so I can post or even get help with this issue.

I did change my internet provider last week from Spectrum to AT&T and had to get a new email address and deactivate my old one. I can't even try to reset my password because when I request to do this the password recovery link is sent to my old discontinued email address.

Any ideas on how I can get my old username active again?


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Hey bro, email the support email address, dj manages the website as far as I know but doesnt respond to those requests on the open forum.


Never mind. I'm embarrassed to say it was just me not remembering my password. I must have changed it at some point and didn't remember doing so. After a while of typing in different ones I use often I found the proper one. Please disregard this and delete if possible.

Sorry. blush


Sorry man , it is here FOOOOORREEEEVVVEEEEEEERRRRR , :: EVVER EVVER EVERR.... but I am glad you found it, change the email address contact to your new one so you can use password reset in the future.


Thanks but I couldn't find that direct support address anywhere. Every search for tech support lead me through this forum post. Maybe I was just being thick again.


OK, that's the other thing, I can't seem to change either my Full Name or my Email address in the "Your Settings" section. Both boxes are fixed, blue and won't accept a change. Is there another place I need to do this? confused

Gosh, this is making me feel stupid. tired


Use the Sales and Orders link on contact us. It notifies them right away.



There is also a support email address that they respond to, but they try not to publicize it in order to drive support questions to the forum. It is easily guessed, or drop me a line and I'll send it to you. My email is in my profile.



I removed required assistance from this thread - this thread does not have anything to do with building a robot.


Then how do I get assistance then or your attention? I'm still not getting any emails telling me there has been a post to a thread I'm a part of. You have made it so hard to get a hold of you to get something straightened out like this. Can't even find a customer service email on your site. Sometimes we need help with interacting with your business other than figuring out how to use the robots or control system we buy from you. I never post for assistance. I did it this time hopping to get your attention.

Why am I not getting notifications? It may not be EZ Robot but I would welcome advice on where to start looking. I know why, I had to chang my email address but can't get any help on how to update it on this forum.


@dave I feel your pain, I stopped getting them months ago. Not sure it was my email account that pushed them to spam and then maybe after a certain amount of time of not retrieving them enough, I just stopped getting them. Reason I visit here like a hundred times a day:)


Visit your user settings and ensure you have receive notifications enabled. Ezrobot cannot diagnose your email software. I recommend contacting your email support. Ezrobot only sends emails to the email address assigned to your account, we don’t know if it’s received.