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Can'T Connect To Home Netgear Home Wifi

I can't get the Ezb to connect to my home WIFI. My computer doesn't have WIFI so I need it to connect in client mode.

From my cell phone I connect to the Ezb, go to the IP address and select client mode. I typed in my SSID and password, It's on a sticker on my router and I type it in the same caps as on it and the ez says can't connect to network.

It seems pretty straight forward but it's not connecting. I tried my guest ssid and nothing.

I just bought the thing and brand new batteries. I'm using a Netgear N600.

Any ideas?



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The password or ssid is incorrect. Even though it's on the router on a sticker, the information is incorrect. Wifi requires two bits of information, an ssid and password. If it doesn't connect, it's because the information is incorrect. Login to your router admin GUI by checking the manual and re-enter the wifi security information.


Thanks for the quick response.

In my router GUI also has ssid for 2.4 and 5 GHZ bands. I used the one for 2.4 and it worked, thanks!


Awesome! Glad it worked out:)