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Cannot Trigger Roomba Discovery 400 Autodock Charge Feature

Just like the title suggests I'm having trouble getting the Roomba to auto dock. I did have t trouble initially getting the ezb to control it's movements. I must have the "disable sensors" box checked before I can utilize the movement panel. Then I can choose speed by the adjustable slider and then the forward , reverse , left right works. The " 115,200 baud" box is NOT checked and "use old protocol" IS checked for the Roomba to work so far. If I click "Seek Dock" it is doing nothing. Suggestions getting this feature working is appreciated as this is my first Roomba autodock project. I did a video of it functioning and running around.
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This is what's my control looks like to get this to work.
Is it a pre November 2005 (or so) Roomba? Maybe it needs a software update?
How can I do a software update?
I think you need osmo or that the white scheduler remote (with cable).... I see them on eBay all the time (except Osmo, that thing is rare)... Have you confirmed the manufacturing date of your Roomba? It's in the battery compartment (that long string of # on the sticker there)...
You got that modified Roomba from an ebay seller that already used the OSMO device to flash the firmware and that's why the movement commands work.

The reason the "seek dock" command does not work is because the clean command must be sent first then the docking command.