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United Kingdom
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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Cannot Respond To Community 3D Print Request


My name is Edward and I'm from PrintME 3D

we have received a request to 3D Print some EZ robot componets, however when the order is clicked on I get an error.

"Now look, you've gone and broken something!

Just kidding it's probably our fault. The error has been logged and staff has been notified."

Please Advise on how to proceed



AI Support Bot
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.... Ooops misunderstood your question so disregard ....:)
Hi @PrintME 3D,

When you say order, are you actually ordering parts through our shop or are you downloading .STL files to print?

If it's an .STL can you paste the link that is giving you trouble?
United Kingdom

thanks for the fast response

A user has asked us to Print components for them.

When clicking on the order to ask about details, price, postage ect, the page doesn't open so I have no way to communicate with the customer.

am I doing something wrong?

This was a bug. Thanks for alerting us! I fixed it and it will be updated on the site as soon as DJ is available to make the update!
I updated chrissi's fixes for the page - you should be good now. thanks for the heads up!
United Kingdom
Thanks guys,

All Working now!

Much Appreciated,

the PrintME 3D Team