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Cannot Connect To Ez-Robot

Hello everyone,

I have recently bought the Ez-Robot developer kit. I got batteries and assembled everything together. It booted up and I heard the chime. I went to my wifi connections and found it. However it will not let me connect to it. The odd thing is it connected on my other computer that runs windows 7 but it will not connect on my primary computer running windows 8.1.

Thanks in advance,



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Thanks Technopro I will try your tutorial.


I tried your tutorial but when I went to connect to it in my wifi it just took a long time and then timed out. Thanks for the help though @Technopro

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I can see from your profile that you haven't yet completed any of the lessons in the Learn section. Completing these will help you have an enjoyable experience with your EZ-Robot products.

Since you are having difficulties connecting I would suggest starting with the Connecting to your EZ-B lesson.


Huh. Is it an HP? We've been having trouble with Hp's as there wifi adapter wont let the ez-b connect right.

If you haven't yet, try pressing the reset button on the top of the ez-b.(tiny hole left of logo)


Sadly, yes it is an hp. That is probably the reason. Thanks for your help.

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In that case, please refer to this forum discussion and provide a diagnostics report. EZ-Robot are working with the manufacturers of their WiFi module to find a solution to the issue and the diagnostics reports will help.


Good news guys, I watched your tutorial on client mode Technopro. I was able to use my other computer to set it to client mode and then connect to it from my primary computer. Thanks for your help and time guys.

Have a good day!


Good thinking! In the event that you need AP mode, follow the instructions in the thread Rich mentioned.

Rich's link:Link

Good day to you too!