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Canadian Dollar

I am wondering why a Canadian company sell its products to fellow Canadians in US dollars?


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I think it is easier and better to use it all around the world. The whole world market is based on the dollar and the euro. Normally all people know through the TV messages the conversion rate. The things are produced in China. There you can pay everything in dollars.

I find it very pre-view of EZ-Robot.


We have on line stores here even selling in USD.

Kind of makes sense with our falling dollar.


@Holy1 Does it matter? The amount you actually pay will still be the same no matter what currency it is in... Anyway to answer your question EZ Robot sells to the world not just Canada. The US dollar is a staple (common) currency and as mentioned has an understood value around the world... If you prefer to buy in Canadian dollars you can go to as they sell a bunch of ez robot products that are listed in Canadian dollars...


Wow the euro is $1.10USD..wish i was living in europe right now.:D

But hey i feel your pain Holy1...your dollar is even lower than ours by a single cent.

If it wasn't for the low dollar value, i would want to buy every vintage Tomy robot i could find, rescue them all, give them all ezb brains and then they would be worth their weight in gold.:)