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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Can't Update My Avatar

@Chrissi... (I think you deal with the web site)... Can't seem to update my avatar under my user settings... I can change other settings but for some reason I can't upload a different avatar... I am probably doing something wrong... It is a jpg file around 34k in size that I am trying to upload...



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United Kingdom
You need to refresh your browser with the ctrl & F5 method. You are viewing your cached avatar.
United Kingdom
As did I, which is why I know the answer:D
Maybe in the future we'll fix it so that when uploading we bust the cache for the avatar. But for now you'll just have to remember to do it yourself :). Thanks Rich for catching this one.

By the way, this is the same way it's always behaved.
Hay Richard. You dont look like I thought you would. I kinda pictured a guy that looked like one of the "Big Bang" cast. *sick* Thank goodness you dont. You kinda look like Harrison Ford. *cool*
Well this solved my problem.

For posterity, if you 're using a mac the keys are Command + R

Richard, you threw me when I was replying to Dave's circuit post today and saw your actual photo. It's funny how we get used to avatars. Don't go changin' Rich & Dave!

Ha, ha... glad I kept you guys guessing... my old avatar was a photo of the actual landing site of Apollo 17 ... Can't see it as the avatar is too small but it proves conclusively that the US did land humans on the lunar surface... ;)