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Can Two Roli Rovers Be Operated In The Same Place At The Same Time?

We are planning to use the Roli Rover in an educational setting and would like to know if two of them can be operated in the same place at the same time by two separate teams using separate controllers (same WiFi)?

Thanks, John


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Yes sir! I think the most we have controlled at once has been 23? I think that's the most - I did it with 23 or so jd's a few months ago for a video we were shooting. Not sure what happened to the video though :)

United Kingdom

Just to add to what DJ has already said, there is no problem controlling multiple robots like Roli in the same place at the same time, as each EZ-B v4 has its own unique WiFi address so they can do exactly what you're asking.

Is this the video you meant DJ;) ...