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Can Not Connect To My A Drone 2.0

Hello everyone!
I can not connect to my A drone 2.0.
Can you write step by step how to connect? Thank you. *tired*


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United Kingdom
The AR Drone 2.0 is not supported, only the AR Drone 1.0 is
Rich, the ar drone 2 does work with the ar drone 1 set up. only the camera isn't compatible.

SHERIFF, Are you connecting to the ar drone through your wifi first? that needs to be done first and then you press connect on the ar drone movement panel. You may need to refresh the ar drone movement panel.
My steps:
1. Turn on the AR Drone 2.0
2. I look forward to when you are prompted to connect to the wi-fi ssid.
3. Reconnecting on wi-fi (I have Windows 8, 32b) in the lower right corner, my ssid-name: "ardrone2_237303"
4. Run the program EZ-B
5. Now the instructions on how to video - I go to the menu, find the AR Drone moove panel.
6. In the panel click Connect.
7. I try to fly - nothing.

Haha =)) Strange, but now he still earned!
Guys I need your help!

There is a SDK for C # - this is what we need. I do not for seat in programming, can someone help me with this? I have a program working on C # that the camera keeps the robot in the desired position - the robot travels on a painted black line on the floor. Please help in my program or from gathering in one piece so you can make the drone fly down the line.

(Maybe create a separate topic on this issue?):)
Does anyone have the code to connect the AR Drone 2.0 HD camera & the bottom camera I am able to connect everything but the cameras.
No sorry. unfortunately the camera control doesn't work with the ar drone 2.0. I do have the source code that the ar drone runs on if you think it will help.
United Kingdom
You may be able to find some kind of driver or application that will add the AR Drone camera to the PC as a device, which could then be selected in the drop down list of the Camera Control. That is probably the best thing to try first.
Thanks for the replies. I am very new to the AR Drone so bear with me. If you have the source code that may help a bunch. I have been looking for the drivers for about a week now and haven't found them yet.

I also wanted to let everyone know that I am a Mechanical Engineer and have Solidworks 3D modeling software and will help anyone make a 3D part at no charge.
Again thanks for the help. :)'