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Can I Use An Ezb V4 As A Programmable Logic Controller

I have a new project which needs a programmable logic controller. It requires 8 digital inputs, 12 digital outputs, 8 timers, 8 counters and about 48 internal relays. The program is in ladder logic. Can it be done with an EZB v4? Ron


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Nope. Ezb is for robotics or iot as a master controller. Use a micro controller - as in a chip, such as arduino atmel or stm32 discovery. Those are microcontroller chips without code on them. Just like the ezb without code on it would be the same.

The ezb uses a microcontroller. The ezb is not a microcontroller. The ezb is code and a pcb on a microcontroller.

Think of a microcontroller as an engine. And the ezb is the car.

So atmel arduino is an engine. Stm32 arm is an engine. microchip pic is an engine.

Ezb is a car that has an stm32 arm as the engine.

Now, if you wanted - the programming header for the stm32 arm on the ezb is available. So you can program the chip and use the wifi module - if you wish.


@Andy, what type of project are you working on? Are the inputs and outputs your working with 24VDC? What are you in need of as I have some PLC stuff that I want to get rid of. Also you other option may be a lot of relays depending on what your after.


Ha, ha.... @DJ just gave me a great idea for a bumper sticker.... "it's so easy, even an arduino can do it".....:D


@Richard R, it may easy for some, but for some we are not as talented as you are. I am trying to teach (or have the kids teach me, lol) or get the kids involved with learning EZ-Robot stuff. My kids are 9 and 11, so a lot of it is not that easy for them to learn on their own. They read these forums and sometimes they get discouraged because people say its easy, and they (and me) cant figure it out. We definitely like your support in the community for sure, just take it a little slower and explain things more would help us out. Thanks in advance for your answers/support to our future questions.


@69developer.... Dude.... I not that talented... trust me... I have no formal education in computers or robotics period.... I was/am just a self employed blue collar roofing contractor with a lifetime passion of electronics and robotics in general... I am probably ez robot's target market so it just works for me... BTW, I was just making fun of the arduino that's all.... :D


To all,, Thanks for the replies.

15 years ago I used PLC's in the equipment we built. I was curious if any of the software guys knew if it could be done using an EZB. So, the answer is NO! LOL I like DJ's answer, and Richard's bumper sticker.....

@69developer what stuff do you have?

I still build Halloween stuff with the PLC's and now in the process of using the EZBv4.

I have spares around too, GE, Series One and it's clones. They are the stuff that brought me to the great ezrobot situation I am in now. DJ's toys are MUCH more fun.



@Andy, I have all AB stuff. I have a few Micros and few Compact Logix (1769), and lots of digital I/O cards. We did a AB PLC for a big Christmas tree and Star, that controlled the lighting effects.


Thanks, but I got rid of all my AB stuff and software. PLC Direct, GE, Fanuc, and other Series one stuff is all I use now. Still cheap and it runs forever. I will make a note if I come across anyone who has a need for your stuff. Ron


If you want to use Arduino based and relay controls, I would recommend maybe this for your application: Industrial Shield ARDBOX

or you could look at using a I/O board.



Thanks for the alternative, but I have a blown GE Series One rack and CPU. I think the power supply is bad so I will try to fix it. I have been successful in the past. The I/O is lying around somewhere. LOL !

I was more interested in seeing if the EZB with an Auto Position script would work the same as the PLC logic. I felt no harm asking.

I think DJ didn't realize I will stay connected to my computer. This way I can use the EZB for Halloween then return it to my robot when I was done. I may still be able to do it ? but ?

Regards, Ron