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Asked — Edited

Can I Use A Lo Tiny With Qunqi 2Packs L298n Motor Drive Controller Board Module

I have looked at the instructions on Hbridge in tutorials. I was wanting to use a Li Tiny but the instructions on the plugin uses a EZ-B 4-2. The EZ-B 4-2 has more ports and the instructions are calling out for higher numbered ports than Lo Tiny has. What do I need to do to use Lo Tiny.

Here is the link to the Hbridge I want to use.


Here is the link of the tutorial EZ-B 4-2 showing the higher ports being used.



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You can use any ports you want for the H-bridge... doesn't have to be the ones shown in the tutorial. All you have to do is change the port numbers in the h-bridge control to reflect the actual ports you are using...

And to nit pick a little.. it's the ioTiny (as in IoT... internet of things) not Lo Tiny:)
Thanks Richard.

Sorry with the text I never caught the io Tiny. I thought the i was an l. When you are a senior sometimes that happens.

Thanks for the help. I am off to install it.
Also on the Qunqi L298n Motor Drive Controller, there are two jumpers on ena and enb. I would like to use this with a linear actuator and need the speed control. Do I just take off the jumpers and connect signal wire?