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Can I Run An Ezb Using Xp?

Hello to all,

I want to use an old computer running XP to run my Halloween project instead of my laptop. I can't get the software or the mobile app to load. Any suggestions?, or do I go get a cheap tablet.

Ron R


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As far as I know you need a minimum of Win 7 to run current version(s) of ARC.... I use an acer w3... it's cheap and runs ARC no problem...


Wow you are up early.. Thanks Richard

I wanted to try putting the app on it. After I tried to load ARC and it failed I thought I might need a newer OS.

I have to keep this real cheap. It goes in an old barn.

I will post Madame Ninndo soon. I am almost done with the cabinet, and she gets put in next. I begin final testing soon.

Ron R

United Kingdom

There is an old version of ARC which runs on Windows XP however it does not support the V4 EZ-B, is not current, lacks a lot of features etc. etc.

Windows 7 should run on a PC which can run XP. You may need to strip the OS down a lot depending on the machine but there are very few XP machines that I've not managed to get 7 working on.


Thanks Rich,

I will try to load up 7. I have a small audio program in the background, a WiFi dongle and the Internet and that is it for needs. Of course ARC too.

Ron R

United Kingdom

You'll probably need to strip the actual OS down using something like Windows 7 Lite etc. Remove the components in Windows 7 that aren't needed and make it less processor heavy etc. There's a (really old) topic covering it somewhere.