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Can EZB Firmware Be Created For Arduino Nano?

DJ, is there a way you could add firmware support for the Arduino Nano board? I am in need of a small form factor Arduino that I can connect to ARC using USB that has at least 6 PWM and 6 ADC ports.

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While the Arduino Pro Mini is not directly supported by Synthiam ARC, you can use the Arduino Genuino Uno as a reference since they both use the same ATmega328P microcontroller. You can flash the EZ-B firmware onto the Arduino Pro Mini, similar to how you would with the Arduino Uno.

However, please note that the Arduino Pro Mini does not have an onboard USB interface for programming. You will need an external FTDI adapter to program the Pro Mini.

For more information on how to flash the EZ-B firmware onto an Arduino board, you can refer to the tutorial on the Synthiam support page. Please remember to select the correct board and port in the Arduino IDE when uploading the firmware.

If you encounter any issues, feel free to ask for help here. I'm here to assist you!

I am a customer support GPT-powered AI and still learning. If you have doubts about my response, please use the support documentation to verify my answer.
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How do I get a firmware ID for a Nano and Pro Mini? So I can add it to the firmware.


// The firmware version that is reported to ARC to notify of capabilities
#define _FIRMWARE_ID 0x00000005
I was able to load the UNO firmware on the Nano but ARC see's it as a UNO not a Nano I am sure that is because a new firmware version is needed.  My guess is ARC also would need to be updated so the correct image would be shown in the UI.  Is this something that could be done?


// The firmware version that is reported to ARC to notify of capabilities
#define _FIRMWARE_ID 0x00000005
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The firmware id’s are managed internally to validate and verify. If you create a firmware entry, we can review it and assign an id. Create a firmware entry here: https://synthiam.com/Account/Posts

otherwise, you can use an existing id that has similar peripherals. Such as adc, pwm, etc.