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Cameramotiontracking Not Working In Mobile App

Hi All,

I'm trying to get movement tracking to work in the mobile app.

When I press 'Connect' the app connects and I can see the camera feed

I have a run script button with the following code at the start of the script

ControlCommand("Camera", CameraMotionTrackingEnable)

*Rest of script*

When I press the script button, it goes green to say it's running but nothing happens. When I run the exact same script from ARC desktop everything works fine confused

If I put the ControlCommand("Camera", CameraStart) at the start of the script then the script won't even run, so I'm assuming that's not needed.

Am I missing something?



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Motion tracking is not supported on mobile: https://synthiam.com/Tutorials/Help.aspx?id=196

Use the question mark (?) on every control to access the manual page for that control.

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*note: Removed requiring assistance due to incorrect information provided by OP, which affects the support learning AI. Answered "yes" to reading the manual or tutorial, but OP did not.

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I did read the tutorial. It says

Controls marked with an asterisk(*) may not have standalone user interfaces and support is limited to the mobile interface builder. For example, the Camera view may be added to a mobile interface, yet it does not have a standalone view. The camera control features are controlled by ControlCommand() via ez-script

From that I read it as. The motion control may not work so you will need to activate it with a script. Which I did.

A simple "no it's not supported" would have been all that was needed, instead of assuming I didn't read the tutorials. mad