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My students want to access the photos that the robot took. I am certain this is a very silly question, but where are they? They are not on our devices.


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What device are you using? Is it Android, iOS, or Windows?


For Windows ARC you can click on the Gear icon in the lower left of the Camera control and then click on the Media tab and you see the local and change the location were pictures are saved if you want.

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The location is in your Pictures under "My Robot Pictures" by default.

EDIT This is for Windows only, not iOS


I only have access to my personal iPhone and a school iPad at school. ARC is not compatible with my iMac desktop.

I accessed the app on my phone and went to camera but don't see a gear icon.


The above poster talked about Windows - and you're talking about iOS. Those are different devices. For example, just because I own an Audi doesn't mean it's the same a Volvo. There will be differences. Most specially, an iPhone is a phone and windows is a computer - so they will be very different, which is why I asked what devices you're using.

Now that we got that understood - finding the photos is easy:)

When ARC was first told to save a photo, it would have prompted to have access to your photo album. If the photos are not showing up in the album, it's because you disabled the option.

Verify the access is permitted in the settings for the ARC mobile app. Once verified, everything a photo is instructed to be saved, it's saved in the photos area of your device. This can be accessed by pressing the icon on the home screen labeled "Photos" on iOS.

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Thanks for the help! That was an easy fix and students are on their way!


woohoo! Glad I could help:D