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Camera Turns On Fine, But Doesn'T Turn Off

Camera turns on fine, but doesn't turn off. I hold it down for two seconds and it turns on. But, I cannot get it to turn off unless the battery is dead. Is this normal?


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this cameras are strange.... you have to hold the button of the camera until the camera led turn of.... maybe 8 or 15 seconds...


I tried for a minute and a half. No Soap.


mmmm maybe your camera has a problem.... i can suggest you one thing...

open your camera... remove the battery.... and adapt your camera to use the power of Ez-Board... here you have how!

good luck!


Try holding a few sec, let go and hold longer the 2nd time. I got rid of the battery and wired directly to EZ-B power with two diodes to drop voltage to 3.4v and signal wire to turn on using ARC, works great, no point in using separate battery when you installed inside the robot without ever having access to charging it or turning it on/off.


@Louis T but is not necesary to use diodes.... the camera uses 5v.... I have been using my camera with out diodes and the camera works perfectly---


It uses 1s lipo 3.7v and also after watching DJ video he mentioned CMOS camera don't like 5Vso i didn't want to fry it. I don't mind doing this. That's good if it works for you. How long have you been using it like this?


Wouldn't that void the warranty even though I am a technician?


@Louis T Dj uses the power of the Ez-Board.. and the Ez_board provides 5V....

and the last week in a fair sciencie at mi high school I used the camera with Ez-Board for 6 hours per day for 3 days continuos


The camera was working fine. Then everything went Green. Then Black. The camera would not turn off. So since I bought two cameras, I dragged the other one out. It also would not turn off once you turned it on. Then the picture went Green. I am waiting for the blue light to go out so I can charge it.

I hope the first one starts working again.


These are bought from D.J. about 2-3 weeks ago. I had to build my robot before I could check them.

They will probably come back once the battery has been charged.