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Resolved Resolved by Dunning-Kruger!

Camera Tracking Never Stops

I'm going on with ezb camera experimentation.
I have experimented color or multicolor tracking . The x and y servos actually track the colored object and put it near the screen center, but they go on indefinitely moving around the screen center, with wide oscillations.
I adjusted the x and y "increment steps" in the configurazion window, reducing them to "1", but the oscillations are still there.
It seems like the servos move too much , i.e. the gain of this closed loop system is too high, making it unstable .A typical event in closed-loop systems.
I adjusted the small-large setting but it has no effect on oscillations, simply it stops tracking when not properly adjusted.
I also tried adjusting the grid lines, making the center zone narrow , hoping this could reduce the oscillation amplitude, but moving these lines seems to have no effect. I don't understand what are they for. I found no tutorial explaining in detail what's their use.
What more can I do ? Using this tracking to control my robot , I'd have a Parkinsonian robot !
Please help.http://www.ez-robot.com/emicons/emo_stress.gif


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Have you actually clicked the check box to "use grid lines" in the camera control settings (below servo tracking check box)? By default I believe this is unchecked...
OK, Richard, this is the right way to make it work. You solved my problem.
Sometimes I sink into a glass of water !... I didn't notice the box to enable grid lines !.... Tutorials don't help much . One must click everywhere and see what happens.
Oscillations are now 2 or 3 only, then it stabilizes.
It's hard work. Continuous adjustment of grid lines, brightness, contrast, etc. is needed, depending on room light, surrounding objects, etc...to achieve good results.
Tutorial's don't help much..? *confused*

You didn't notice the box to enable grid lines because you didn't follow the tutorials lol...my goodness.
Hi, newagetomy, tutorials do help, but often don't say everything one should know ! I haven't read anywhere about grid lines .