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Camera No Longer Works

Recently purchased one of the newer cameras, less than a month old. The camera for some reason no longer works, it gets super super hot, the heat sink has come unglued from the chip and the lense has come loose as well hanging by the ribbon cable. The light no longer comes on either. I can post the debug information if needed but at this point when the camera is plugged in it is too hot to touch and wont start. Should this fall under warranty ? Thanks Chris


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Unfortunately that sounds like the camera has been mishandled. A PCB is quite fragile, specifically one with a camera lens attached. This would not be a warranty item. It would be valid if the camera did not work when it was first received and we were contacted immediately within a day of the signed shipping delivery. PCB's are incredibly challenging to warranty because it can be frustrating as a consumer to not know exactly why it stopped working, but it did work, so that's the challenge. If you are very confident there was no short or miswiring (by attempting to extend the cable without a valid ez-robot extension cable). Or static on your hands.

If the camera gets really hot, that would usually mean there is a short or even physical damage to a component.


No to extending cable. Would love to send it in regardless so it could be diagnosed before spending another 50 dollars on another unit. Plugged old style camera back into controller, it works. Really wanted the newer style due to the better machine vision.

                                 Thanks    Chris