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Camera Is Not Working Anymore

Hello Everyone and Happy new year!

First I should precise that my ezb camera used to work very well, even after doing the modifications (soldering) to power it directly by the ezb. It is because everything went that well that i decided to put it in wall-e's eye and perform some tracking tests.

But when I began to configure servo for tracking (and in particular the horizontal servo max value) something strange happened: vertical servo blocked itself in the min position (with forcing noises), camera showed a purple static frame and then the ezb switched off (lost of connection and no more blue light). After reconnecting the ezb, camera screen showed only a black screen. Now, the camera is corectly powered by the ezb (camera blue led switches on), the wifi connnection works as well (ez-builder finds the wireless camera),... but i only have a black screen!

Any tips on what happens? Any idea if something can be done to make the camera work again? Any test i can perform? Thanks


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Just a small update: I have completely withdraw the camera from wall-e's eye and inspect it in detail but i can see nothing suspect. As the symptoms look like a link issue (black screen in ARC), i tried to re-establish the link with the dongle and....... no success. I am completely lost...