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Camera From The Ezrobot Developer Kit Will Not Work

I've tried connecting the Ezb camera that came with the developer kit and it worked when I first connected it but it went blank and each time I try to restart it I get the following.

Camera Initialized: EZB:// @ 320x240 EZ-B v4 Camera Error: System.Exception: Client disconnected at EZ_B.EZBv4Video.BEr2DfF4cs(Int32 , Object ) Camera Disabled

I can search and it finds it and I've tried changing the resolution but each time I try to start the camera I get the above error.

Is the camera bad?

Any asistance would be greatly appreciated.


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The debug error says the camera is not connected, so try re-seating the camera cables at both ends and make sure the lights on the camera light up.

I take it from the IP address that your EZ-B is in Client mode. One thing to try in the camera device control is to change the cameras up address from...




Basically make sure the EZ-B’s IP address in the connection window and camera ip address are the same, but without the : symbol and the last 2 digits (in your case... :24) in the camera control. Power up the EZ-B, connect it to ARC and click start on the camera control. Give it a try and report back.


I checked the cable at both ends and it was fine. I changed the IP and got the same thing. There are lights that flash when I first boot up but nothing after that. I believe there is suppose to be a solid blue light. I'm pretty sure that the camera is not functioning

  1. I would start by loading the most recent copy of ARC. Your version is a few months old... Given the errors i can see from the log, it appears the version of ARC you have has a bug and requires an update. You can download ARC here:

(Do not ignore updating ARC)

  1. I would recommend using the EZ-B and Camera in AP Mode to rule out any network issues. You can do this by pressing the RESET button on the EZ-B. And connect with a NEW EMPTY project to the EZ-B's access point. Add the camera and test with a NEW EMPTY project. Here is instructions to reset EZ-B:

If your camera cycles through different colors on bootup - does the LED turn OFF after?


Hi DJ, I actually updated the ARC to ver. 2018.03.06 earlier today. But I uninstalled and then re-installed ARC ver 2018.03.06.

I then reset the EZ-B as you advised and setup the camera in a new project. Got the same thing.

I get some quick flashing lights on the camera board at boot up and then no light. The LED is off.

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With no LED illuminated after the start up cycle, it sounds like the camera is faulty as you should see a blue LED. Unless DJ has any other suggestions, I’d say to use the Contact Us link and submit a warranty claim and see if you’re eligible for a replacement.


Resolved - a replacement camera was received