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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Camera Color Tracking : Servos Don't Move

I'm testing ezb camera. I had the click-camera plug-in working.
Now I'm testing color servo tracking. I set the tilting x and y servos for color servo tracking, and their min and max the same way as for click-camera , then enabled servo tracking. I can see a red object moving around on the screen, but servos don't move at all. They remain where they were before. I moved small-large and bright-dim cursors with no effect. I also moved the grid lines, setting them for nine equal squares . Nothing changes.
Can someone help ?


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Is the Min value smaller than the Max value for servo positions?

Is there a square around the Object that you are attempting to track? Have you adjusted the color settings?

Post your project
Does a "black square " outline the color you have chosen to track? If not, you are not recognizing the chosen color.
Additionally, are you attempting the camera to track or simply two other servos?
OK, DJ. Now it's working. I had two problems indeed.
I solved myself the first , trivial problem. I realizes I had to enable "color" in the tracking configuration window, not only to click on the "color" button, to get tracking !
The second problem was, as you said , adjusting the slides.
I had the object displayed, but didn't have the square around it. And saw no effect adjusting large-small or bright-dim slides. After adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation I had many squares and could fine-tune everything
Adjusting is quite critical, depending on the room light and other colored objects all around.
I need an empty and uniformly lighted room for those experiments !