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Camera Charging Questions


I just got my EZ-Robot Complete Kit today. Quite excited. So I got it and decided to first charge the wireless camera before anything. I took my iphone charger and plugged the wireless camera in the charger using the supplied usb cable.

The red light turned on at first but is now off. How does the camera charging work? Is there a light that is supposed to indicate charging? How do you know when the battery is full? What does it mean if the camera is plugged into the charger and no lights are on?

- Feroze


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From what I know, when the camera is charging the red light is on.
alright then, mine must have come fully charged, the light only stayed on about 10 minutes then shut off.
also my kit did not come with a little white charger, that resembled an iphone charger. I just used my iphone charger. Is it supposed to come with it? I ordered from Aprohobbies
hi all,

Feroze i got my kit today as well and was some kind of excited about it. but just like you the camera is were i have a problem . i charged it or tried but the light won t stay on but 5 min if that just like yours and didn t get the charger either in the package(i ordered straight from ez-robot). but worse my computer tell me that the device isn t working properly.
i troubleshot it but no success. i thought may be it was the pairing but no success after trying many times following the tutorial etc..ARC doesnt even find it in it s list of video devices only the cam from the laptop.