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Camera And Neck Bracket

The neck bracket for my jd is Brocken and I don't want to buy a whole new head just to get a new one. And when ever I try to start up the camera it just says camera disabled, what do I do?

Please contact me asap.

@Zeeko, this is a public forum. You just posted your email for anyone in the world to contact you with. I would remove it immediately, and converse here on the forum. The 3D printing community could easily help you in this situation.
You can Contact Us and quote this post to purchase a bracket. As for the camera, i would recommend taking the head apart and checking the cable connection. Otherwise, you can purchase a camera separately as well.
Anytime! It's the weekend here, so it will be Monday until someone replies to Contact Us and lend you a hand:)
Ok now how do I order a jd neck bracket on its own and does a Roli and six camera fit into a jd head?
Use the Contact Us link and reference the url to this thread. Someone will contact you back and provide assistance.
Contact Ez-robot, but yes, the camera will be the same as the other robots. As for the neck bracket, you will need to special order that via the Contact Us link as DJ said.