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Resolved Resolved by Dave Schulpius!

Calibrate Al Back?

i calibrated the the head and schoulders.tomorow dhl brings the arms,
of ez mip.do i need to calibrate all servo's back or just the ones that i ad?


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@nomad.... Do you understand that all calibrating the servo does is make sure it is in it's bracket correctly.... Once in the bracket correctly the only way to un calibrate a servo would be to take the screw out of the bracket and physically change the position of the bracket....
Please don't give anyone the credit for this.... you should already know the answer to this....

if i understand you ,i only need to calibrate the ones i ad,cause there i wil be,
needing to take of the bracket.if needed.sofar the head and neck and choulders are in the ezb calibrated.
@Nomad, I've never owned or calibrated a Revaluation robot so I really don't know the exact answer to this. However here's what I'd do;

First I'd re-watch the calibration totorial. Then I'd try to calibrate just the joints I replaced (if that can be done on an individual basis). If the robot is not moving correctly I'd go back and redo the entire robot.

Good luck. ;)
hi dave

the tutorial is very easy and i can do that with my eyes closed.

its only the arms i have to do i think.

its for ez mip (no legs)

now head and schoulders are calibrated and connected to ezb.

so my question is do i have those taken out and re calibrate them again.
Once calibrated (correctly positioned in the bracket) a servo will never need calibration again.... maybe some fine tuning, but no more calibrating unless you remove the servo from the bracket...

left only one qustion.can i leave the calibrated ones connected to ezb,
while calibrating the others?

btw i have to give credit els i get mail for it.
Give the credit to Dave then.... You already know the answer to this....

Calibration means.... putting the servo in the bracket correctly...
Fine tuning means ... tweaking it a little bit more (with ARC) to position it perfectly
@nomad so you understand that calibration is only done once and will never need doing again unless you remove the servo from it's bracket, right?

ok i understand that.just wanted to be sure when i ad more servo's to that ezb,
i dont have to disconect the ones alredy calibrated.

thank you for checking this.
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No, you don't have to disconnect the already calibrated servos already connected.
steve g

your a genius.you can read my mind.
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No mind reader, I just read the last question. I'm no genius, trust me, lol. As the other guys have already said, the servos you have already calibrated don't need to be touched any more or disconnected. You just need to connect and calibrate the new ones, if needed.:)
LOL, this is great. Nomad, your a pleasure to have around. Don't ever stop asking questions. I totally understand how hard it is sometimes to keep concepts in memory or to understand some things. You mentioned a few days ago about your learning difficulties. I'm sure this makes this kind of stuff even harder. I also have struggled in the past with learning difficulties in some areas. It can be frustrating and embarrassing. My hat is off to you continuing to try. Cool thing is you are winning. We're here to help even if you have asked the question before. ;)
goodmorning averyone

i have to learn to frase my questions better .thats why al these question to see if,
you understand what am asking.
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Considering your learning difficulties, and the language barrier as well... dude, you are doing a great job. So keep it up.;)
ez mip is reddy ,waiting for his inverted pendulum.
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I look forward to a video when you fit the pendulum when it arrives.
i was thinking to put the pendulum behind his neck.
would that be a good place?
United Kingdom
It might be. You might have to play around to see what works best, but I don't see why behind the neck wouldn't work.