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Buying The Ez-B From Usa Company

are you still selling the board to makershed or other companies in usa ,for better in shipping prices
hope you are ,big a great saving for others in usa to buy your board


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Shipping might be cheaper but it's really time. I know when I get something I want it now. Gimme gimme gimme....

You need some store displays...

Get the word out. I don't think enough people know about it.
We carry EZ-Robot Complete Kit at www.aprohobbies.com, we ships from central TX so it'll reasonable delivery anywhere in the U.S, sometime we have special offer free shipping on EZ-B kit for a limited time:) so keep a look out. DJ and the guys are working hard to get more stock on hand and we're suppose to be getting more stock pretty soon i hope, last I heard they are waiting for shipment of wireless webcam and we are suppose to be the first to receive new stock. I understand they're busy for good reasons so it will be worth the wait:)
I didn't realize it was an inventory thing. I am not looking to purchase another at the moment. Soon.
Yeah sadly we're always in negative inventory. It's a good and bad problem to have. We thought it was resolved by using a manufacturing company, but demand increased and now we're trying to sort through that:)

Fingers crossed and hopefully we'll see some great partnerships in the near future to help us out. With a little resources, and a bunch of half-completed projects = we're very busy!
LTT i only need the EZB not the complete kit,thats whats good about makershed plus very low cost under $100 and $5 for shipping
That makes me wondering how they'd be able to sell it for such low price, $36 under retail...hmm
very simple buy in volume,look at anything thats sold more you buy from a factory ,lower the price you can sell it out,when i get parts from digi-key a certain part costs lets say $3 at one piece and at 10 its maybe $2.80 and at 50 its $2 and at 500 much lower
when i buy my maxsonars they about $25 each,but at 20 when i get them they $18 each
true, but don't apply to all products, most distributors have certain max discount and MAP pricing (means you are in contract and can't sell for lower than certain price) and it goes from there no matter how many you buy. I'll see what i can do about stocking EZ-B board only:)
Makershed was sellin the EZ-B v3 (not ez-b v3.1) at the MSRP from October. They had purchased a lump sum and continued to sell at the same msrp price of october. Now that they are out, they will be selling at MSRP also.

We have literally no profit margin on these kits or board when you add the software development time, customer service and regular business - every penny goes back into development for more features and more sales. Our business model is like a revolving door - money in = money out = growth.

But the distributors that we have, like A Pro Hobbies, are awesome and understand our model. When ever possible, please support them. They are the early adopters of our innovative platform and therefore playing a big part in changing the future for everyone. As EZ-Community, you are also playing a HUGE role in changing the world.

It's amazing the response EZ-Robot receives in the Silicon Valley of California - people who did not know we existed - hidden away in canada. There is discussion of a relocation, if we find the right partnership/sponsorship.

If EZ-Robot lived in California, there would be a very interesting twist in Robotics from our presence.:)
i work for a/c and electrical company that makes the test equipment,we sell in volume and yes some products has certain max discounts,we dont use MAP pricing yet

ok great if have a good price will need a few,looking at $100 each
i always check to see who has the best price with shipping when i buy any item
i have close to 30 robots that need EZB bought 7 already,looking to get 2 more for now until i finish them first ,then buy more

DJ they may or may not be good news,looking to get them at a very low price like most people do,so i guess will need to wait and compare lowest price before i buy
i have 7 so far

will you be selling just the chip anytime soon,be a very good seller,and have others make smaller or special boards for it,so many many companies are doing it
and easy way for you to make more money too
DJ you'd love California....

I am not surprised that EZ-Robot received a warm welcome.

I strongly believe in what you are doing and would be happy to help. I do specialize in Start-ups, bookkeeping, day to day operations. I would volunteer my time to help in anyway I can. I can easily give you 20hrs a week.

Thanks for the kind words DJ, I understand it very well as I was once a new business with problems, but we go along and fix the problems, improve things, gather new ideas, implement them and so on. The first day i launch the website are full of bugs, i developed the entire website from ground up so i go long way fixing things and adding new features over past 5 years that's how it get to how it is now. That's exactly the way I see it with you and EZ-Robot. I hope everything will get sorted soon and I can see some kits on our shelf soon:)
wish i good make the trip to california to see DJ and SAM,but have so much trips comming up
wont be able to make it *stress*
i love the EZB board alot,look great for smaller,and may be much larger robots
also looking at the LEAF MAPLE board ,not the same board use in the LEAF microcontroller
its 72mhz cortex processor seems a super good board for robots
specs are really good and uses arduino IDE
The Maple runs at a maximum of 72 MHz, has 39 digital input/output pins, 16 analog inputs, native full speed USB, 3 USARTs (hardware serial ports), integrated SPI/I2C support
and under $50 at sparkfun
@dj , sir having negative inventory is a dream come true , it means high demand , and your product value is high. Congrats CEOs of other startup companies can only.pray for such a success:)