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Buying Custom Robot

Hello! I am looking to buy a custom ezrobot. I am asking here because well.. i dont know where to turn!

I need a robot that has the ability to..

1: Climb stairs (Up and down) Speed is not a issue. Sound is.

2: App wifi controlled. (Android phone) The wifi will be in the house, i need to control this while i am basically far away cross country technically.

3: Able to press keyboard buttons on a real life keyboard. (like, tap them. If i could control the initial weight of the tap it would help me type out longer things on different keyboards (metal keyboards being heavier keys etc))

3: Able to move a mouse. (yeah.. those grippers need to be able to expand quite alot.

4: Strong enough to pull cables

5: some kind of charging dock (i cant stress this enough, i need to be able to use this in emergencies, so when the power goes off i need to be sure the robot has charge within it, to do its job until it runs out of power it has stored or to return to the base to continue its job)

6:Not made of plastic. Professionalism is sort of.. well... yeah. it needs to look effective otherwise my co-workers would pretty much assume its a toy. I have a budget for heavy duty parts included.

7 (extra) let me add a sim card so that thing can go outside and use garden tools or what have you. Im technically trying to use this as a extra slower version of me until i return to my home. Its much better than paying someone else.

Yeah this is pretty much impossible to find on google. But i hope someone here can take up the torch. Its the most utility robot in the world technically, so it has to have features.

Looks: I dont really care how it looks. but exposed wires.. it would mean it could snag. This has to be waterproof/resistant to a degree blush


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What is your budget? What you are looking for does not exist as a product today. Everything you are looking for is possible with existing technology. To create something custom to meet your needs will be many thousands of dollars in hardware and labor to create.


@RocketLog, hello. You certainly have an interesting goal. For the most part it sounds like a DIY project that would be a labor of love for someone, but it sounds like that is not your interest building it yourself. I would encourage you take a look at Endeavor Robotics line of service robots and get a quote from them. Their Kobra robot looks like it would fit many of your needs.


Want my neighbor's son ?

Sorry ! But he would be ideal.

All fooling around aside, a custom robot of this complexity would also require a large lead time. All you ask for is do-able, but costly with a long lead time.

How about one for the computer keyboard / mouse application with battery backup (I question the need, but if you want it). The cable request needs more clarification. Pull weight, distance, etc.. Maybe eliminate the stair climbing?

Outdoor lawn mowers are available. ( I know Richard R, are there indoor lawn mowers?) You would need my neighbors son for raking gardening etc. or a lawn gardener service (cheaper than a robot).

Just an opinion.

Justin, Where is Spock?


From a practical stand point, no long with my robotics hat on @AndyRoid is right about design lead time and needing to know more about the application and his neighbor son would be ideal....even though we don't know who he is. In my neighborhood we have a nifty program in part sponsored by the high school called "Rent a Wrestler" as a way for the wrestling team to earn extra money by doing odd jobs, its very popular. I've learned a lot of schools have similar programs but don't widely advertise them, people learn about them by word of mouth.

I'll put my impractical wizarding robot hat back on now! ;)


I have to ask, what is the use case? If you want to robot to use a mouse why wouldn't you just use screen takeover app? If you want a robot to climb stairs why wouldn't you just have one up stairs and one down stairs. If you want the robot to pull cables, what sort of cables are these (power cables ) why not try one of the many IoT connected power adapters. If you want a robot to dig in the garden and pull out weeds buy one of those tertill weeding robots.

Although if you are a multi millionaire who wants a cool robot (Hey if I was I would as well) then call softbank they acquired boston dynamics ...


Justin, FYI I dressed up as a Wizard for Halloween! No Robots involved.


Budget is around the 5k area, i intend it to not be so expensive that it is essentially like that irobot Kobra.. that would be insane! I mean, why would i need to have a bomb disposal robot anyway?

The use case is so i could do what i would do, without needing to be there. Think of it like this, i could be in another country while i just need to grab my phone to deal with something at home. Or if i need it to help a neighbor.. etc.

Its more complicated than that, but essentially it would save hundreds of thousands of dollars if i chose against hiring someone to deal with the arbitrary tasks of flipping switches and levers and so forth.. and keeping in contact with such a person

edit 8:08 pm est

Im going to send a message to endeavor robots about this! And i intend to give as long a lead time as possible.. likely under 3-5 years. Im not in a rush, but i desperately needed a solution to a long term problem. "basically, sending a robot to someones house to deal with their electrical problems" Would be one of the use cases outside of my own i guess

edit again, 8:12 pm est

Actually.. in a general sense, it needs to be able to be controlled by phone or pc app (or both) via the internet.

And it needs to be able to move itself from every possible area in a house, or be able to manipulate within that sort of range. Weight is not an issue, just sound.

It also needs to be able to move outdoors, in all terrain technically. In a general New york environment (not a mud slide, people!)

@Nink Hmm.. does the power cable of a radio station transmitter sound difficult fora robot to pull? or just a power cable of a desktop pc i guess.

Im not a multi millionaire, i am just a guy with a uh.. moderate amount of money and wants to make his father not need to ask his son to travel across the country just to fix a few computers all the time. And to help him out in things which would require another local professional which would cost more than a usual 24/h plumber...


I can make something cool , there are so many options you need to narrow down the basic functionality and it’s purpose . Actual use and purpose goes a long way in design. I have made all kinds of projects . I can certainly build a bit and Ezrobot can power it/ control it.


I was thinking of you Josh, I was hoping you’d see it and take an interest as our resident big bot builder.



Focus your needs based on the most useful and required functions. It is best to not try to get an "All in One" design. Indoor vs Outdoor is a good place to start. Consider options like remote operation of the computer rather than using the robot to do it. List the functions needed upstairs vs downstairs. This may also help focus in the designer's direction.

Combining available devices such as the Amazon Echo, and Smart Home devices will allow expansion of the abilities of the Robot with minimal work.

Members of this forum such as Josh can help you with the concepts you want.

The project you present is doable as stated earlier, but you need to focus your actual priorities to match your needs.