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Buying An Ezboard Where Can I Buy Power Cable ?

i know sures sells the power adaptors.....but i dont have the patience to wait....i want to go to my local frys and get everything i need

in his videos he shows a battery pack full of aa's
how does he actually connect that to the ezb?

how do you mod a cable to do that? and what cable?

sorry if im not clear



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i cracked, and purchased the power adapter, problem solved
@hoolagen1 did you receive an EZ-Robot Complete Kit? If so, there is a green connector included. You connect the power adapter to the green connector. The + is red, and the - is black.
wow, a direct response. awesome.

no i ordered the green tips. i ordered the ezb from from market shed.

now im just wishing its the version v3. hope it not an old one.

they had it for 99.99
Should be V3. I got one of my two from there as well when DJ was sold out. Works just fine.