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Bug Report - Left Paren Causing Error When Used In Quotes

I'm listing this as Conversational so I won't get those endless "Unresolved" emails again.

The bug is as follows:


#Anywhere a left paren appears in a literal string, the
#following error message will #be displayed:
#Error on line X: Missing ) in Expression
#Examples are:

$VariableX ="("
$VariableX ="(AAA)"
$VariableX =" ( "
$VariableX ="AAA("
$VariableX ="(AAA"
$VariableX ="AAA(AAA"

There seems to be no error for a right paren in a literal string. Only the left.

I would really like to see a resolution to this as it has stopped a project of mine dead in it's tracks.

While I'm at it, I would like to also note that if appearing in a variable causes that portion to be highlighted. For example the if in $ModifyStr would be highlighted as a key word. Interestingly, I found the keyword elseif doesn't completely highlight. For example if I had a variable named $TheElseIfMode only the If portion would be highlighted.


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Thank you so much. And welcome back. I hope your vacation was great for you and your family. Decompressing for a while from time to time is absolutely essential. You more than deserved it. Recompressing isn't as much fun but can be exciting as well. Anyway, glad to have your reassuring presence felt once again on the forum. :)