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Bug Pic F18lf8645

hello I am currently in possession of ev3 board with a 18fl8645 Pic and become defectueu I have a new recommender peak but the problem is blank c ki I siat how to proceed with the update or set with the software but gives me nothing luis not sniff puige how to cure this problem by licking ke Auret could write on the board the peak programe thank you for your support


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hello I am currently in possession of the card with a ebv3 18fl8645 Pic is damaged. Jai order a new peak, but the problem c kil is empty I do not know how to peak update in not having the source code of the peak or the way to thank you for your help encor desoler I use the french translation aitant


If I understand you correctly... Are you saying the pic is damaged and/or somehow lost it's firmware flash? So if the pic is damaged or in need of a firmware re- flash, you'll have to use Contact Us and arrange to send it in for repair... Ez Robot may or may not offer a repair (you'll have to check with them) as the ezb3 is a discontinued product...


Send it to us and we'll program it for you:)

The mailing address can be found on our Contact Us page


@regis Alors si je comprends bien....est-ce que la pic est endommage et/ou il a perdu le firmware flash? Si la pic est endommage ou a besoin du 'firmware flash' tu devrais utiliser Contact Us et envoyer pour est possible que EZ Robot n'offre pas de service de reparation (verifier avec eux) depuis ezb3 n'est plus disponible

@DJ aimerais que tu envois par la poste ton EZB3 pour reparer a l'adresse suivant et il sera retourner une fois reparer....

Address EZ-Robot Inc. 1212a - 9th Avenue SE Calgary, Alberta Canada T2G 0T1


merci bien je lenverais dans le moix qui suis